Realm Grinder Challenges Guide at

I must give it to them. Guys and gals at the DigitalVideoGamer have done a fantastic job. Their strategy guide was the one that helped me gather lots of pace into gathering mana, rubies, and get better at Real Grinder in general.

So, if you want to get serious about your Realm Grinder progress, check out this in-depth Realm Grinder Challenges Guide at

Below, I will give you the short version plus insights from my own progress.

Best Way to Complete Challenges?

Realm Grinder ChallengesI simply love all kinds of mobile games. Especially, when you get tons of challenges to face and defeat. It doesn’t feel like a game when you have a mission. It’s more of an adventure.

First, keep in mind that the challenges aren’t always there. The Challenges screen will come and go as you play and complete missions.

My personal Challenges strategy is to take it slow. Some of my biggest mistakes happened when I was rushing to make the challenge.

Should You Abdicate?

This one is covered in full detail in the guide I mentioned, so I’ll just say two things. First, there is no shame in abdicating aka starting over. You get plenty of bonuses when you do. That will allow you to quickly reach your last point pretty quickly.

Having said that, I myself haven’t yet abdicated. Yes, I make mistakes. But to me, it’s more fun when I know that every decision counts.

What to do with Rubies?

Rubies are so hard to come by. You must be very careful with how you spend them. If you can’t find a good use for your Rubies, just keep them. Sooner or later, a good opportunity will come.

But, whatever you do, don’t spend your Rubies on non-percentage-based bonuses. The game progresses fast. 1000 Mana you save now, will not matter in a few hours. But if you get a chance to get 20 percent boost on Mana, that’s a different story. This works with early as well as late game.

How to Maximize Mana Production?

Realm Grinder Guide DigitalvideogamerObviously, you need upgrades. But which ones?

In general, the new ones. Often, upgrading the same buildings will give you half of results of what the next new building would do. Upgrades do have the appeal, because they are much cheaper.

But in clicker games, such as Realm Grinder, you must look at the long term. And in long term, you earn much more by spending more on new buildings.

Not to say that one or two upgrades do harm. On the contrary, depending on the bonuses, it may be worth upgrading. What you should not do, however, is get stuck upgrading every building.

Hope you find this guide useful. If you have any questions at all, let me know. I am sure I will be playing Realm Grinder for a long time.