Casino for All: How to Become World’s No.1 Casino

No one could believe it before, but a new kind of a casino is kicking the butts of old school casinos. I remember when an app having 10 million users was perceived massive.

But if that’s massive, how do you call Slotomania, an mobile casino app with 100 million players?

How do you even become a 100-million entertainment app?

Right Place, Right time

Playtika, Slotomania’s developer, was an early adopter of mobile technologies. That may be the most significant step in their success.

Slotomania is pretty amazing, but would it become No.1 casino app on the App Store if it was launched today? Probably not.

Playtika developer

Mainstream Ads

Playtika was one of the first casino to understand its potential. They were smart to become a major sponsor for the World Series of Poker. It probably cost them several million dollars but exposed Slotomania as an app to millions of gambling enthusiasts worldwide.

Which actually got even better. Following Slotomania’s success, Playtika partnered with WSOP to produce a WSOP app. Which filled another niche (poker) and became as successful as Slotomania.

Give to Get

Just like with the WSOP sponsorship, they have adopted a ‘give to get’ attitude towards their games. Slotomania realized that if a player loses coins too quickly, he or she may swicth to a competitor app.

What they did was offer a massive coin bonus upon registration but also a series of rewards throughout the first week.

If it sounds like a common practice nowadays, is because it is. But only Slotomania started this model among mobile casinos.

Quality Over Quantity


If you ever decide to build an app, take a lesson from Slotomania in that if you look to become a no.1 in something, focus on quality.

Any business has a million of cogs an owner has to take care of. But quality is one of those cogs that, if a priority, help every other aspect of a business. For example, Slotomania’s games. For a long time there were only 20 games to choose from, but each offered a unique angle to playing slots.

Slotomania’s rise to become a top grossing app is fascinating. Whether you are a player, or a business owner, you would be gaining a lot by reading more about it.

If not, you can always play.