Bingo on the Go: Win Today

There are dozens of ways to gamble in UK. Horse betting is hundred years old. While mobile slots is one of the newest ways to play. Everyone has a personal favorite.

Now, Bingo, a hugely popular American game is coming to UK. How should we look at this import from over the pond?

I think, it’s worth a look.

From Lottery to Bingo

Bingo screenshotWe love lottery. And that’s why Bingo is almost a guaranteed success in UK. The main difference is that instead of trying to hit 6 numbers out of 49 (or whatever the lottery format you like), you try to hit numbers in a certain shape.

You can hit ‘a bingo’ by filling numbers horizontally, vertically, diagonally or matching the corners.

The Addition of a Social Aspect

Why I love Bingo is its social aspect. You can’t buy a Bingo ticket and check whether you have won the next day.

If Brits know anything about the game is that when you win, you have to say ‘Bingo!’. But that’s just a part of it.

When you play, the race is on. There is a set number of places and if you miss it, you lose.

Basically, the numbers are drawn only until the last place it taken, until the last ‘Bingo!’.

Where to Play

DoubleU Bingo on FacebookWhile in the U.S. you can play Bingo everywhere, in the UK it’s harder. And, as it usually goes nowadays, if there is an untapped niche, a mobile app will take it.

If you want to try playing Bingo, you don’t have to wander around your neighborhood. Download an app like DoubeU Bingo and play against other players.

Bingo apps are very similar to slots apps. you get a coin bonus when you join, you get some gifts when you connect your Facebook, and you get some daily (and/or hourly) coin bonuses.

Then, you use those coins to play. When you run out, you either wait for the next bonus, or you make a purchase of coins.

Just remember that every such app has multiple currencies, so it’s something you must learn to manage.

Can Bingo replace poker home games? No. It just won’t happen. But it’s good for connecting with your friends and spending an entertaining evening racing for the Bingo.