Best Social Casino for New Players

What do you know about a mobile casino? I would guess, based on the fact that you clicked this headline, that you are a new player. Which means you haven’t spent a lot of time at these casinos.

Then luck is an important factor for you, isn’t it?

Either the first casino you find is a great one and you stick to it, or you stumble upon a terrible one and you want to quit the thing altogether.

I think there is a better way. I think there is a good way to start playing social casino games. It’s not random. It’s about trying things one step at a time to see what you like best.

So, here’s short walkthrough for you how to play right, win, and enjoy the time you spend playing.

Find a Slot Casino With Open Games

Slot CasinoTo encourage you to play more, many casinos will open only a couple of games. The rest will stay locked until you reach a certain XP level.

That’s not for you. New players should be free to explore. You must know how a progressive jackpot slot differs from a classic slot. You must understand why payouts often range between 10 and 20 percent of the initial bet.

My suggestion is to find a slot casino where all games are open. Which enables you to spin different games only for minutes at a time, get the feel of which ones pay generously, and come back to them more often.

Find a Closed Casino

I know it sounds confusing, but stay with me. Once you realize how diverse games and their payouts can be, you need to start learning to manage your bankroll.

That’s when it is time to shift the focus from trying many different games, to your bet levels.

‘Closed’ social casinos can be a great restriction tool.

while you can only play one game, you pay much more attention to how your bankroll changes after you bet the minimum as well as the maximum.

Also, these casinos can be rather fun. There’s the journey or improvement element going on. You know that on level five, you will unlock three more slots. And that’s what you go for. That’s what produces a warm feeling of achievement.

Diverse Game Casinos

Diverse Game CasinosLastly, I want you to try the best kind of casino. these are social casinos where you get to try a variety of different games, not only slots. These casinos will offer you blackjack, poker, and many other games.

Not only that. The best casinos of this kind will also allow you to interact with other players.  Chat, share gifts, participate in tournaments, compete against each other. And so much more.

That’s what gaming should be about. After all, it’s in the name. Social casinos!

If you need any advice on which casino to join, please leave a comment below. I’ll do my best to refer you to a casino which would be suitable for you.